It’s Time to Let Go Bad Work Habits

Do you think it’s time to make makeover in your work habits? Workplace mostly obtains many bad work habits which needs to be off the list and replaced by new great work habits to develop your career path. It’s never too late to make new resolutions and positive changes to you personality at work and let you the bad work habits you’ve been attaining for many years.

Employees need to take some critical steps to take in the field of employment to make then avoid encountering issues upon their bad work habits. Employees must consider evaluating their skills and work habits which results a decrease in productivity and complex challenges. It can never get any better than evaluating yourself and making a plan to let go your obtained bad work habits and replace it with great positive work habits. It’s time for a root change in your career path!

Here are the worst bad work habits employees must let go in 2019:

  • Lack of Time-Management

Workplace is place where being on time is sacred. Time management is a crucial skill which is crucially required in all fields and industries. Every process in employment field mentions the importance of respecting time tables and accurate time management, all careers and positions are effectively executed if timetables we’re followed sharply. The lack of time-management will create many issues and encounters in workflow, some positions are sensitive and it can slow down the work processes especially if other positions relays on some systems which has steps to be followed in periods of time and shifts. Being always late makes your employer put in mind that you’re not a responsible worker, and you can even lose your job if you always come late to work!

  • Employers and managers highly appreciate workers who respect time and always show on time! This gives a great impression about you as a committed employee who cares to come on time and meet the deadlines on time!
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  • Gossips and negative chats

Gossiping makes everything worse! When a work place is full of employee who gossips  most of the time , and intrude other’s personal life and make judgments, it makes it hard to tolerate long working hours in the office . Some employees would enroll in some chit chats which at first seem like friendly talks and conversations about common news or people, but digging deep down these conversations will eventually make you notice how messy and negative it to gossip is.  If you gossip around and intrude in people’s personal life and issues, your presence can be frustration for some and others would disrespect your personality as well. Some companies applies strong punishments is employees cross their limits and gossip around randomly. Some penalties may be encountered besides putting your job in danger of being fired! Nothing gets better than working in a friendly cozy environment where everyone respects others personal space and no gossips are spread around.

  • Being popular and lovable doesn’t require spreading rumors and gossiping around. It’s the worse way to break ice with colleagues and you’ll put yourself in some embarrassing situations.
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  • Being too attached to your cellphone

Technology is invading out lives rapidly. Technology devices and social media is taking a huge part of our daily life routines, besides relaying on technology in communications, we often use technology as an entertainment tool. When you’re at the office, spending too much time on your cellphone, and networking through social media platforms, can actually put you in a bad situation. You need to put your phone away during your official working hours; it makes you look less professional if you’re always checking your phone especially during a meeting. You have a break during your work schedule; at your break time no one can even tell you what to do and what not to, your break time is fully yours.

  • Employers feel very offended if they talk with employees holding their phones and constantly checking their devices to know time. It shows a little disrespect to the manager. So be aware of when to use your cellphone and when to avoid using it, unless any emergency occurs.
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  • Bad Manners and Behaviors

Politeness and good manners are substantial. Not respecting other and having temper tantrums at some points can actually cost you your job. Manners is also your personality, it shows what you are and dealing with others in work place is what makes you either superior or removing you from the list as well. Work environments are not the same as college places or campuses, its need a high level of proficiency to be adhered. Your college professors and instructors needs to guide you on how to be more professional and give you training about  some manners which are crucial in a work place. In work environment, you’ll not get only suspended for free days or get a lower level in your exam or project; you’ll likely face the danger of losing your job. Being polite and show a highly presentable personality will make employers admire your role and you existence in the work place.

Here are some examples of bad manners and ethics which can cost you your job:

  • Cussing and saying bad words
  • Racism
  • Harassments
  • Nervous attacks and temper tantrums
  • Safety violations
  • Showing up drunk or hangover to work
  • Making negative judgments and criticize colleagues harshly
  • The above bad manners will cost you your job as soon as it noticed by employers you’ll also ruins your whole career reputation.
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Being able to change some work habits for a better career enhancement is a great step to make. There is no shame in pointing out your bad work habits and make good amount of efforts to change and exclude these negative habits with new positive work habits. It wouldn’t only help you in your professional career but it will also make your personality more solid and presentable. Do not waste time, start improving your skills and replacing the bad work habits with superior positive habits, the field of employment always have place for well-manner professional workers who offer great work habits in their environments. Be a better employee and make a better version of yourself today!

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