How to keep senior citizens away from online scams

Senior citizens are at a high risk of falling prey to scams. Since they are not very accustomed to the technologies of today, they do not fully understand the perils that might be upon them. Most fraudsters try to target older people because it might be easier to trick them and dupe them of their money. Now, if you have senior citizens in your house and they need to do online recharge, make sure that they use a secure platform like Airtel Payments bank that has an extra layer of security.

  1. Ask them to be skeptical

It is to be assumed that a stranger should not be accepted as a trustworthy person. It is better to assume that an unexpected message is a way to trick you into giving away your money. You should be cautious even if the message comes from a known person. It is essential to be skeptical of messages delivered through the mail and social media. Anything unusual could be a scamster who might have taken hold of your friend’s account and trying to use it to steal your money. Make sure that you do prepaid recharge or other payments through the Airtel Payments Bank.

  1. Freebies are never as they sound

A very common prank is sending an email to congratulate you on winning a lottery. You might not have even heard of such a lottery for obvious reasons. Now, in order to claim your prize, they might be asking you for some personal details and upfront payment to confirm that you are the right person or a platform fee. Such a message will always create a sense of urgency and ask you to respond promptly so that you do not miss out. You need to remember that legitimate lotteries do not require any fees. Also, make sure that urge your seniors to do postpaid bill payment through trusted sites.

  1. Never send money to strangers

Often the victim is tricked to send money to the false admirer. It is a very common type of fraud that has hit people of all ages. It might be easier to trick senior citizens emotionally and take advantage of their unsuspecting nature. Also, ask them to transact money with peers or do mobile recharge on Airtel Payments Bank. This platform will offer an additional layer of security by sending a message to the registered mobile number about the transaction that is going to take place.

  1. It is a good strategy to hang up the call

If there is a doubt about the trustworthiness of the caller or the tech support person is informing you of the problem, it is a scam. If there is a problem with your devices or services, you should be the person to ask for help and not the other way round. No brand is benevolent enough to tell you about problems and ask for your personal details. Make prepaid mobile recharge on trusted platforms and stay away from possible scams.

This is how you can keep senior citizens from online scams.

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