Challenging Faulty Council Tax Band of Your Property

Property evaluation and claims management firms can help you check if you are paying too much council tax on your property due to faulty banding. They can also help you claim a refund of the tax paid since 1993. These firms are also handy in identify how to avoid paying council tax on empty property for those who do not want to pay the levy on construction, which is not occupied or furnished. 

If you think you are paying too much council tax, it is a good idea to contact any claims management firms and see if your council tax is higher than other properties in your neighborhood. They will evaluate and let you know whether your council tax is according to a faulty band not. They will help you make a claim for a full refund for all the years of the payments done additionally in the previous years and get you a reduction on future council tax. 

If you doubt that you may be paying council tax under the wrong band, check what your neighbors are paying. If there is a difference in the price but the similarity in the type of property, you may qualify for claiming a refund. For this, you will need to do some paperwork. If you can do this yourself, there will usually no need to use a claims management firm.

Once applied, it will take up to a month for your claim to go into investigation. If the Valuation Office Agency comes to a point that your property has a faulty band, it will change it according to the rule. It is usually a free service, which not only gets you a lump sum amount but saves you on the additional council bills in the future.

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