Why is Truth Important in Reporting News ?

Your primary aim as a journalist is not only to spread information but to share truthful news. A truthful news report can always be verified. Telling the truth during a news report is important because it builds the credibility, trust, and respect your audience has for you. In addition, being truthful is one of the […]

Is Oddity an Element of News?

Yes, oddity is an essential element of news. Oddity refers to the queerness that makes a fact interesting. In most cases, the greater the degree of an oddity in a news article, the more it would become more interesting to your audience.  Have you wondered why stories of people with strange talents make the headlines? […]

Purchasing Gold? Check Out The Benefits Of Taking Gold Loans

 Most of the Indian households have gold as their age-old tradition of keeping investment. Gold is a great metal that could easily help you in any financial crisis. People who want urgent money can get gold loans from a reliable platform. Gold loans are the most profitable type of loan; apart from this, no one […]

Why Hiring Luxury Vehicles for Successful Marketing Campaigns

Creating the best marketing campaign that can resonate with your target audience tends to be an overwhelming task. Many marketers find it hard to create a lifestyle through their ads, which their customers can either strive with or relate to their lives.  Using a luxury car rental can help your marketing campaign portray a high-end […]

How to keep senior citizens away from online scams

Senior citizens are at a high risk of falling prey to scams. Since they are not very accustomed to the technologies of today, they do not fully understand the perils that might be upon them. Most fraudsters try to target older people because it might be easier to trick them and dupe them of their […]