New Corporate Lawyers Can Benefit From Applying To Jobs Via Staffing Firms

After working for years to graduate from law school as a corporate lawyer, you are likely looking forward to finding a job at a great law firm or you might even be hoping to start your own firm to practice law out of. Legal firms all around the world are looking to hire freshly-graduated attorneys […]

Six common reason to lose money at trading

Forex is the most sophisticated profession in the world. In this profession you can easily start making a decent income. Every day, more than $4.5 trillion is traded in the Forex market. But earning profit is not that simple. Almost 97 percent of Forex traders loses money and leave this profession. Only 3 percent traders […]

Do you need 10,000 hours to succeed at trading

Everyone thinks that to succeed in any profession, a minimum of 10,000 hours of practice is a need. This might be true for learning music but this rule is not applicable in the investment industry. Though experience will give you added advantage in analyzing the stock it’s not a must to succeed at trading. Those […]

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator’s Guide in Becoming a Consultant

As soon as you reach the prominent years of experience and business success, you will be able to stop doing your job and help others along the way. Therefore, turning your expertise into a career is an efficient way to change your future career. If you wish to become a small business consultant, you need […]